When refurbishing a room, gaining as much space as possible is often a major goal. It is not necessary to enlist the services of a designer to do this. Choosing and placing furnishings and accessories wisely are the key to accomplishing this. Overall, knowing the exact dimensions of the space you are looking to decorate and a little bit of planning will ensure that even a novice at decorating can gain better use of space.

To start with, measure the space you want to redecorate. Knowing the exact dimensions of the room will help when you are choosing the furnishings you want to use in it. A great way to help decide if furniture or wall décor is going to be the correct size for your space is to get the dimensions of the item and then tape it out on the floor or wall with painters tape. This way you can see how much space the item will use.

Importance of Gaining Room

Choose your furniture wisely. If your room is not large, use smaller pieces. The scale is very important to make a space look correct. For example, in a small dining room a table that has less overall area is better than a big, hefty table. In addition, it is wise to use an expandable table in the smallest setting, you can for everyday use. People who wish to know the  gainingroom and gain the useful information about it. This will leave more room to maneuver around the table and make the room feel more spacious. Likewise, it is best to use chairs with a smaller overall profile than let’s say large arm chairs around the same table. This will add to the spacious feel, and also allow more chairs to fit around the table.

If your space is small it is better to use furniture with a smaller frame than big bulky pieces. Bulky furniture will make space feel more crowded, so they are best left for large rooms. Consider using two chairs instead of a loveseat with your sofa. They can provide as much seating, but give the room a more open feel. In addition, choosing a sofa with narrower arms will provide more seating space than a sofa of the same overall dimensions and bulky arms. Another tip is to use furniture that you can see through in smaller spaces, such as an airy console table with a glass top gainingroom.

Using fewer pieces of furniture is another decorator trick for small spaces. If you want to add a large piece of furniture, just stick to one large item and scale back the size and amount of other pieces in the space. Don’t overcrowd the room. For example, placing lots of different chairs, tables and a sofa in a living room. Having lots of different pieces of furniture can make the room feel cluttered. This is also true with accessories. Having too many accessories can overwhelm a space. Choose wisely and sparingly. It is better to have a few pieces that blend together than many small not related items.

Mirrors are a fantastic way to make space seem larger. They add light and depth to space. Mirrors trick the eye into thinking there is more space than there really is. This is an easy way to add a spacious feel to any room!