Enrobing and glazing are contemporary approaches of floor tile painting, based on using corresponding compound such as argillaceous liquid mass of enamel paint, to ensure that item becomes available in various tones – brownish, eco-friendly, blue, black or gray. In context of technical features, enrobe significantly influences tiles’ durability against impact of different ecological variables, such as contamination, acid rains, hails and ultraviolet radiation. Tone of clay tiles depends mainly on colour of fundamental raw material.

Terms “enrobing” and “glazing” are frequently utilized as basic synonyms connected to colouring technology. Regardless of similar functions and residential properties, there are distinctions to keep in mind when purchasing structure tiles. They are associated, for example, with their different chemical composition. Enrobe includes specifically prepared fluid argillaceous mass with admixture of equivalent minerals or metal oxides. On the other hand, porcelain enamel is leading shattered previously thawed enamel colour, improved with not natural additives.

The best method to remove the moss

Daubing does not create close structure on ceramic tiles surface area, however leaves the pores open, thus protecting good diffusive properties of roofing product. Vitrified tiling is defined by glossy top layer, which obstructs the ngoi lop nhat ban voids. Shut structure of glazed roof shingles advertises that compared to daub it is defined by also greater resistance to external representatives. Smooth, nearly non-porous surface area of this kind of tile-work significantly hinders procedure of dirt development, and assists in cleansing not just from dust and mud, yet also from moss and meld.

Porcelain tiling - enrobed or indurates

That is why mostly linked pigmentation for ceramic housetops is brick-red. Production of wide colour spectrum needs, in its turn, using precious species of earthenware applied to tiles’ superficies. Enrobing layer is splashed in type of liquid combination on dried-up shingles yet before cooking in furnace. Chemical substances are triggered under the influence of heats, giving work surfaces tinted and glimpse surface. Comparable procedure happens in situation of glazing, with just difference being that polishing compound partly penetrates the tile-work, creating an added intermediate layer.