Thanks to STXSurreal, a subsidiary of Robert Simonds’ STX Entertainment, VR movies, and VR series are a real thing now. Robert Simonds announced that STXsurreal will expand its VR slate with several new original short-form series in development. These include a new comedy series from ‘The Office’ star Ed Helms, a spinoff of STX’s ‘Mile 22’ film series directed by Peter Berg, an untitled Dave Bautista family action-comedy, a Jay and Silent Bob project from writer and director Kevin Smith, and a Scientific fiction thriller from writer Derek Kolstad(popularly known for writing John Wick).

These series will be aired on the ” SURREAL ” channel which will be launched as an app on VR headsets in mid-2018. STXsurreal has created an entirely new format that connects the regular widescreen and 360-degree video. As announced earlier, STXsurreal will start with THE LIMIT, a live-action short-form VR series by Robert Rodriguez and featuring Michelle Rodriguez.

STXsurreal 2018 Original VR Series Slate in Development:


The story revolves around an aimless 30-year-old Radio Shack employee who is visited by a magical elf one day. The elf tells him that he is fated to become the world’s greatest wizard. The series is directed by Ed Helms and is written by Frank Lesser. It will be produced by Helms alongside Mike Falbo.


STX will expand its relationship with actor Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy, Blade Runner: 2049) through an original short-form action-comedy series. STXfilms is currently working with Dave for an untitled family action-comedy film penned by famous screenwriter duo Jon and Erich Hoeber.

Robert Simonds' STXsurreal Expands Original VR Slate with New Developments Deals


 A spinoff of STX’s MILE 22 film franchise, ‘THE KIEV EXCHANGE’ is a short-form, live-action series from MILE 22 director Peter Berg. It is written by UmairAleem (Extraction, 2017 Blacklist for “Kate”). THE KIEV EXCHANGE is a plucky action-thriller following the CIA’s fugitive paramilitary force, Ground Branch, as they negotiate a tense and complicated hostage exchange in a public square. When all hell breaks loose, they must come together to fight their way out of an ambush. Berg will produce for Film 44 and Film 45, along with Mark Wahlberg, Matt Goldberg, and John Logan Pierson.


Filmmaker Kevin Smith first broke into the film industry thanks to his no-budget, 1994 indie comedy Clerks, and now, that movie’s two most famous characters will be coming to virtual reality. Jay and Silent Bob VR will be a live-action comedy series that will be written and directed by Smith, shot from the point of view of his Silent Bob character as Jason Mewes’ Jay “leads the way through a string of idiotic adventures.”


This original live-action short-form series is set in 1947. It revolves around a mysterious government agent sent to investigate a plane crash in rural New Mexico. As he examines further, it becomes clear this is not an ordinary incident. This series is penned by Derek Kolstad (popularly known for (The John Wik Trilogy). He is also writing an upcoming action-thriller ‘Nobody’ starring Bob Odenkirk for STXfilms.