As you know that tiling new bathroom floor is quite expensive. So, how about doing it by yourself? It will reduce the cost to a large extent. Thus, providing a complete makeover to your bathroom will not be expensive anymore. There are obviously different kinds of options to improve you’re worn out bathroom into a new one. But, do you know how to tile bathroom? Here are some ways which you can follow.

Measure The Floor At First

The foremost thing which you must do is to measure the floor of the bathroom well. Use a tape so that you can able to measure the tile, mortar, grout, and the backing board required. Plan it well able to purchase the right amount of tile at the starting of the job. The amount of risk or mismatches of texture will also reduce.

Prepare And Attach Underlayment

Place a cement board as an underlayment to fit the tile well. This underlayment will provide a sturdy surface. To cut the panels use a circular straw as per measurement. With a help of a drill attach the crews as well.

Determine And Place Tile

Place the tile in the proper configuration to fit the tiles in the space. With the help of the spacer evenly place the tiles. Once, you know the position cut the tiles as per it. To complete the floor with the tiles use a tile saw to cut it. Once, it is done place the tile as per the layout planned.  Apply thinnest motor on it and let it try.

Apply Proper Grout

Once, the mortar becomes dry, use a grout to fill in the spaces between the tiles. It will actually leave the tiles to become smooth and level.  Generally, after 24 hours the grout gets set but sometimes it takes time more than that. After it becomes dry you can use a grout sealer to protect the same.